So You want to book...

Hello legend!

Before we finalise your booking there are some important thing you should know, some of these things won't be easy to hear but from past experiences this is some tough love you need to accept!

~We only take bookings 6+

~For groups of 12+ there are few other conditions,

which we will cover in our future conversations. 

~ All your guests need to sign in to dine in (confirmation need to be shown to staff)

We don't care about your conspiracy theories, these are the rules we don't make them, but we sure follow them!


~Always follow the direction of our Covid Safety Marshall and follow our RSA rules

~If you are more than 15 mins late we won't hold the table!!! 


~We have a "no show fee" of $20 per person.

That means that if you book for 6 and one person bails, you'll be charged $20 for that slacker. 

That means that if you don't show a "no show fee" will apply to the entire booking.

As the person making the booking you will receive an invoice in your email address. 

By agreeing to the booking you are entering a contract with us!

We hold the table for you, that means we couldn't sit other people and that is a cost to the business

we want to stay open, employ people, pay our suppliers, pay our taxes and keep the good times alive!

~Yes you can bring a cake!!! 

We can supply plates and a knife but we won't cut it for you at the same time

we don't charge you any cakeage fee. 

~ you are NOT allowed to BYO wine, food, drinks  

 without prior consent!!! A penalty fee will be applied to the table!  


If you think thats too tough, you are always welcome

to ditch the booking process & just show up!!!

Which means less stress and more good times all around!


If you are agreeing to all this terms and conditions 

click the button below and tell us