Welcome to Dirty's!


We support small, independent & local business. We want our community to thrive so we use local suppliers, including:  Brad's Butchery, Salumi Australia, Bangalow Sweet Pork, Eltham Valley Fresh, Tropicana, Byron Bay Mozzarella, Gwen Tempeh & more.

We make our food! We pickle, ferment, slow cook, marinate, mix & fry all from scratch, applying 'slow food' principles in all our preparations.

“It's like tongue pashing Jesus"

An actual google review of our fermented Korean chilli sauce  

We're here for a good time!

We love good drinks and we love independent.

Check our extensive & ever-changing craft beer list & our fierce sustainable wines. We also have a solid range of weird sodas to excite the adventurous & annoy the rest!


We are committed to showcasing small & independent producers and eschew  giant conglomerates in their quest for global domination.





TEL: 02 66220706


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123 Keen street Lismore NSW 2480
TUE - SAT: 5 - 8:30PM